Pavol Harar, Ph.D.
Machine Learning
Researcher Engineer ‌Entrepreneur

Occupation & Biography

Co-Founder @ ACAI.AI

Visiting PostDoc @ Mathematical Data Science Group Uni Vienna

Machine learning researcher and engineer specializing in deep learning. Skilled in computer vision, signal processing, and time-series analysis. Has a strong background in high performance computing and experience in industry and startups. Received an MSc in System Engineering and Informatics and a PhD in Machine Learning from the Brno University of Technology. Gained experience in predictive modeling, signal processing, and clinical research as a member of Brain Diseases Analysis Laboratory and Numerical Harmonic Analysis Group. Recently finished a PostDoc position at the Mathematical Data Science group of Prof. Philipp Grohs at the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Vienna and a concurrent visiting PostDoc position at the Research Institute of Molecular Pathology in Vienna, collaborating with Dr. David Haselbach on developing and improving computational methods in cryo-electron tomography using deep learning and differentiable programming.